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Brouwer Mobiele Watertanks Den Oosterhuis 27  7707 PD Balkbrug  Nederland  Tel. (0523)61 27 61   Mobiel: (0031) 06 51 25 73 22 Fax. (0523) 61 58 56  www.mobielewatertanks.nl   email:  info@mobielewatertanks.nl


Brouwer Mobile Watertanks
Welcome to Brouwer Mobile Watertanks

Brouwer, located in Balkbrug (Overijssel, The Netherlands), has been designing and building its own vehicles and machinery for transporting and distributing large volumes of water for many years.
All of this know-how and experience has now been combined in the design of the brand-new  Brouwer Mobile Watertanks.
Standard mobile water tanks are available with capacities from 2.000 litres up to 14.000 litres, but we can build tanks up to 36.000 litres.
Each tank has his own built -in pump so that it can be filled and emptied independently .
Each tank is fitted with an adjustable water canon.

The complete machine will
Controlled true 2 pice of
PDM 360 smart displays
Togheter with a controller
You can give all instructions
In the cabine and also
From the watertank self

For more information about the Brouwer Mobile Water Tank,
You can download the information folder in Pdf format, or take
Contact with use by mail or phone
Email  : info@mobielewatertanks.nl
Phone : +31 (0) 523-612761  mobile +31 (0) 651-2573 /21 /22 /23